for participation in events and training programmes organised and/or operated by Confidence Information Services Ltd.
version 1.1 of 21 June 2021

1.Validity. These Terms and Conditions (‘TC’s’) are valid from the date above until superseded by a later version issued by Confidence Information Services Ltd., and in respect of Events which have already been contracted – until their completion and discharge by the Operator and the Client of their respective obligations to each other in relation thereof.

2.Definitions. In these TC’s the following words shall have the following meanings:

The Operator​Confidence Information Services Ltd.

Event ​​A conference, a convention, a forum, an industry dinner, a presentation, a training seminar or any other public or private event organised and/or operated by the Operator.

The Client​A private individual or an organisation wishing to participate or participating in an Event.

Delegate​An individual who is an employee of the Client or associated with the Client in another commercial manner attending an Event and/on the Client’s behalf or on approval, and whose attendance has been paid for by the Client.

Registration Form (RF) The form completed and signed by an authorised officer of the Client specifying the Event and the details of planned attendance of the Client’s Delegate(s).

3.Section Headers and Section Numbering. In these TC’s section headers and numbers are for convenience only and do not have any legal meaning or significance.

4.Binding Contract. The RF completed and signed by the Client and these TC’s form a binding contract between the Operator and the Client governing the terms of the Client’s Delegate(s) attendance at an Event.

5.Payment Terms. As specified in the Registration Form.

6.Programme and Content. In respect of conferences, conventions, fora, exhibitions and multi trainer training courses, while the Operator shall use its best endeavours to cover the topics and provide programme sections/papers/presentations/lectures/ workshops/ training sessions as specified in any preliminary programmes published prior to the Event, the Client accepts that the Operator does not guarantee participation of any specific person or organisation or delivery of any specific programme section/ paper/ presentation/ lecture/ workshop/ training session due to circumstances beyond the Operator’s control. The Operator accepts no financial liability for failure to deliver any specific programme section/ paper/ presentation/lecture/ workshop/ training session.

For training programmes and courses organised with one trainer/lecturer, in case of the speaker’s inability to attend and deliver, excepting cases of Force Majeure, the Operator reserves the right to reschedule the programme/course for such time as the speaker is able to attend or to cancel it with full refund to the Client.

7.Cancellations and Refunds. Cancellations of attendance must be received in writing through established communication channels no less than 30 calendar days prior to first day of the Event. For such cancellations the Client shall be entitled to a 100% refund of the registration fee save the£100 administration charge and any other documented direct costs which the Operator has incurred in relation to the Client’s participationsuch as visa support fees or any other similar costs.
For cancellations notified later than 30 calendar days but earlier than 15 days before the first dayof the Event then the registration fee shall not be refunded but shall be reserved by the Operator on account and used towards payment for participation by the Client’s representatives in other Events subject to the relevant terms and conditions. The Client shall be entitled to freely choose any Event offered by the Organiser but must use the funds on account toward the cost of a replacement event within 12 calendar months of the cancellation. No replacement registrations will be accepted thereafter, and no refunds will be made. If a cancellation o is made less than 15 calendar days before the start of the Event, the Organiser shall be entitled to withhold 100% of the registration fee. Replacement of a participant is acceptable at any time however all responsibility for any delays with visas and other permits required to enter the country where the event is held shall be for the account of the Client.

8.Accommodation. Where accommodation is being provided to the Client as part of an Event package, provision of accommodation is governed by the terms and conditions of the provisions of the agreement between the Operator and the relevant hotel or an accommodation provider, the terms and conditions of the relevant hotel and the legislation of the country where the hotel is located. In no circumstances shall the Operator have any financial or other liability to the Client in excess of the liability of the hotel or an accommodation provider to the Operator. In no event any reimbursements/compensations/penalties or any other charges be payable by the Operator to the Client prior to the Operator receiving the related payment from the hotel/accommodation provider or an insurance organisation.

9.Epidemic Clause. The Parties shall strictly comply with any epidemic related restrictions and guidance imposed by the government of the Event host country. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that its delegates travel to the host country in compliance with its epidemic regulations (tests prior to entry, protective wear, etc.). Failure of any Delegate to comply with entry requirements of the host country which has led to their inability to attend the Event will void the right to any Delegate fee or accommodation cost refund.

The Operator reserves the right to impose at its sole discretion any reasonable epidemic control or protective measures in excess of what is required by the legislation of the host country (‘Operator Measures’). Failure of any Delegate to comply with the Operator Measures or with the epidemic control measures will result in an ejection of the Delegate from the Event without any delegate fee refund.

10.Force Majeure. With regard to any Event a Force Majeure means disruptive events or conditions of a nature beyond control of the Parties such as natural calamities, war, civil unrest, terrorism, large scale or persistent infrastructure breakdowns, epidemic outbreaks, government actions or restrictions, terrorist or natural calamity alerts or restrictions occurring or imposed in the locations of the relevant Event or the adjacent locations as well as the locations of operation of the Organiser and the Client. In the case of a Force Majeure event or condition occurring the Party so affected shall have the right to postpone performance of its obligations hereunder until termination of the Force Majeure condition. The other Party may require the affected Party to provide a reasonable documentary proof of the Force Majeure such as a statement by the local Chamber of Commerce or a relevant Government publication.

11.Jurisdiction. This Contract shall be governed by the English law, and the Parties hereto submit themselves to inclusive jurisdiction of English Courts.

12.Other terms.

By signing the RF the Client confirms that it has read, understood and accepted these T&C’s.

The executed RF and these T&C’s represent the final agreement between the Parties in relation to the subject matter thereof and supersede and replace any arrangements or agreements which may have been made between the Parties prior to execution of the RF.

If the RF and these T&C’s are supplemented at execution by a translation into a language other than English, then the English version will take priority.

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